In the Eye of the Beholder

Perfection in the imperfect.

The perfection in the imperfection.

Yesterday we had our family Easter dinner and while I was putting the finishing touches on things my husband offered to take Mae (our grand-daughter) out for a bit of a walk.  (I think that he figured I was a tad stressed when he came into the kitchen and looked over at me to see what I was making and I just glared at him and put my hand up to shoo him away). Come to think of it I still have to apologize to him for that.  Well if you read this post…sorry Bob and thanks for saving me yet again.

When they came back in Mae presented me with the most (beautiful) flower that I’m sure the world has ever seen.  She came around the corner to where I was sitting with this pink blossom cradled in her two little hands.  Gingerly watching it as she walked to present it to me.  Very proud of herself she hands it to me and says, “Here Gram, a flower for you to put in your paintings.” (She had on another occasion presented me with a half sea shell that I told her that I would put into one of my paintings, so to her this flower would make another great addition to her Gram’s collection of things to put into her mixed media paintings.) I’m still trying to think of a way to do this..wonder how much acrylic gel I would have to use to make it work?

Now I must admit that when I first spied the pink blossom gently nestled in her little hands I had a bit of a heart attack wondering which of my neighbours will be missing one of their well cared for and loved flowers.  But as she continued to approach I dismissed this thought (or I tried really hard to) and basked in this first experience between me and my grand-daughter.  So precious and so priceless.  She was so proud of her discovery and after some gentle prodding from me I discovered that she found this particular beauty lying on the ground. (Phew I can go out doors now with out the fear of receiving a deadly glare from my neighbours).

I wanted to take some pictures of this event for both Mae and I to remember it by.  As I looked at what I captured it made me think about beauty and what we consider worthy of our admiration.  As you probably noticed there was a reason why this particular blossom was lying on the ground.  It was due to soon die and the tree that produced it let it go. Which is all part of the process of the renewal of life.  However in this blossom a little girl found beauty so fragile and special that she felt it worth the effort to bring it to her Gram and present it as a perfect gift.

My grand-daughter didn’t once notice the imperfections in the gift she was presenting to me.  All she saw was its beauty and what her Gram could do with it.  She saw beyond the imperfections because she is still innocent enough to not take note of imperfection.  This was another reminder to me that beauty is more than what you see on the outside.  That often beauty is because of the imperfections.  That in fact, perfection is found in the imperfection.

Jesus knew that we weren’t perfect but he gave us a gift anyway.  He saw what was worthy in each of us to die for despite our imperfections.  I’m thanking Him for his gift on the cross and for the gift of my sweet innocent grand-daughter who unbeknown to her taught me a great lesson today.

Here’s to seeing the beauty in all things.

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