Finding What Was Lost


"Great is his faithfulness, his mercies begin afresh each morning." Lam. 3:23 (NLT)

“Great is his faithfulness, his mercies begin afresh each morning.” Lam. 3:23 (NLT)

Don’t you just love it when you find things that you thought were lost to you forever.  A few years ago I put away a wallet that I wasn’t using and left in it things like: library card, care card, birth certificate, etc.  You know, things that you don’t need every day but someday you will.  I can remember thinking that I will clean it out and organize it at a later date. Hmmm right, I can hear my Dad’s voice from days gone by telling me not to put off for tomorrow what I can do today. How right he was and is. 🙂

I have a memory of cleaning out my purse but beyond that I come up blank as to where I put my wallet and all its precious treasures.  I have looked these past couple of years for it but to no avail.  In fact just recently I conducted a thorough search for it because I needed my birth certificate for something.  I ended up ordering a new birth certificate…one which when it arrived did not in no way shape or form resemble my nice little laminated one that I had from way back when.  This monstrosity and yes it is enormous will never fit in my wallet and is really good for nothing but to file away in a safe place.  I only hope that I don’t forget that I actually put it away in a properly labeled file and not in my sock drawer.

Now in all fairness to me we did go through a pretty big upstairs renovation where everything and I mean everything was boxed up and moved around.  So this makes me feel a bit better that I forgot where I placed my precious cargo…but not by much.  I still have no recollection of what I did with my wallet.  Not something one wants to have happen once you pass a certain “milestone” birthday. 🙂

I started out this post by stating that what was lost was found.  Yes indeed I found my wallet and all its precious cargo.  In fact, I wasn’t looking for it at all and then just like magic it appeared on the floor of my office closet.  It was “safely” inside a white plastic grocery bag, the bag was nicely tied up and inside my wallet was nestled among all sorts of other “treasures” that one finds in a purse that is being cleaned out.  Just to clarify I don’t believe in magic but this white bag wasn’t there and then it was.  Remember I said we had renovations done…well…Umm…my closet isn’t quite unpacked…I still have a few bits and pieces piled up on shelves in my closet waiting for me to organize and I’m guessing that when I was looking for something the other day this hidden treasure nudged free from its hiding place and fell to the floor in my closet.

Today I finally opened my treasure and began to sort through its contents.  Not only do I have my beloved birth certificate once again, I found gift certificates that my children had given me.  Now not only do I have my identity back but I have the means to go out to celebrate.

The ability to have restored back to you what you thought was lost forever is such a gift and meant to be treasured.  Jesus has given us this gift.  He has bought back our debt which gives us the ability to be restored to who God meant us to be before sin entered into our lives.  God’s mercies are renewed each and every day for us all.

Here’s to thanking Jesus for the gift of our new identity and the ability to celebrate.


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