Who Am I?



 Who am I?  Hmmm… I am daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, aunt, cousin, teacher, mentor, advocate and a follower of Christ. I love to teach and learn. To share and experience life in community is important to me. I believe that being authentic is an important aspect in learning about self and others. I am not perfect and am learning to be OK with that. I’m a work in progress.  I just read this part to my husband and he said, “Yes, you certainly are!”  Give me a break…everyone’s a comedian. 🙂

Because I am a teacher I love to share. Hence the blog. Seriously though I have certain life experiences that may speak into the lives of others and if this is not the case then I have an outlet for my passion to write. 🙂

I invite you to join me in this new journey. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts, rants, and ah ha moments with you.  I am anticipating that as I share you (hopefully) will leave me comments and insights so that I can learn from you.


4 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I think you know a lady by the first name of Laurene and I met her one time while she and her husband attended a church service on a Sunday morning at Shediac Bay Community Church. We found that we had mutual connections through community members of Miramichi, NB. and somehow it was a good first meeting and then through facebook we connected again. She has just shared your blog writing link with us and I enjoyed what I read. Anyway, your Aunt Laurene and her husband have a fun sense of haha and I am anxious to read more of your writings, teachings and your painting and photography are enjoyable as well.


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