Spots and Smudges

"Don't you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize?  So run to win!" (NLT) 1 Co 9:24

“Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win!” (NLT) 1 Co 9:24

The other day I decided that it was well past the time for me to wash the outside of my windows and glass panels on my balcony.  As soon as I washed them there was a noticeable difference.  I could clearly see through the glass now without the familiar filter of a years worth of  green gunk and grime, oh and spider deification (yes spiders poop).  I was feeling pretty good about the progress I was making.  As I continued down the length of glass panels I looked back at the ones that were drying and noticed that there were spots and smudges that I had inadvertently missed during my first go.  So I went back to the first and started again. At almost the same spot down the line of glass panels I noticed that once again I could see spots and smudges on some of the panels that I had just done for the second time. So I decided that this time I would get a heavy-duty cleaning cloth, you know, the ones with the mesh on one side and really give the glass a good scrubbing and a good rinse with the garden hose set on jet (there is no better setting than jet on a nozzle).  As I sat inside my house after doing them all that third time I noticed that there were still spots and smudges that I could see on the glass panels.  At this point I decided to try to ignore the imperfections of my well intended cleaning endeavour (’cause I was exhausted) and made a note to self to hire someone to do this job the next time around.

"My focus remains short of its goal..."

“My focus remains short of its goal…”

Tell me, is there ever a time when one can truly remove each spot and smudge and have glass so pure that it shines without one blemish?  I have in the past had professionals clean my windows for me and even they leave streaks and miss places. I look out at the job that I did on my glass panels and outside windows and think that it isn’t good enough. Wow, where did that thought come from?  Didn’t I just work myself to the bone (slight exaggeration) trying to remove all the spots and smudges?  Why am I so focused on a few spots left over?  Why can’t I be satisfied with the job that I did and think job well done instead of “not good enough”?   Never mind that I have managed to remove a years worth of green gunk and grime, never mind that I have a clearer view…all I can focus on is the few spots and smudges. Yet still I look out at these panels of glass and think, it’s not good enough.  I can’t seem to focus on the whole and look beyond the spots and smudges to the beauty of the golf course.  My focus remains short of its goal. Instead it remains stuck on the foreground viewing the spots and smudges.

"God doesn't want our focus to be on the spots and smudges..."

“God doesn’t want our focus to be on the spots and smudges…”

I can’t help but wonder how often I do this in other parts of my life, focus on the foreground and miss the beauty beyond the spots and smudges.  Do I remain stuck in the foreground and miss opportunities that God would want to bless me with?  Do I have a shorten sight line because I am so focused on the foreground and believing that “it” what ever “it” is, isn’t good enough?  Does this inability or difficulty to look beyond the imperfection of things hinder me in viewing myself as God views me?  Do I somehow equate this belief of “it” as being not good enough to mean that I am not good enough?  How many times have I, have we accepted less than what was intended for us?  God doesn’t want our focus to be on the spots and smudges but on the goal which is to run the race of life to win. To be all that He created us to be and to stop focusing on our spots and smudges.  He doesn’t see these imperfections so why should we?

Here’s to running the Race to win and not trying to prove our worth by how perfect we do our jobs or live our lives.

Lupins, Lobsters and Lilacs

Christie and Jenn's B Day 2014 004

Lupins remind me of being back home in New Brunswick.








“And these are a few of my favourite things”…can you hear Mary Poppins singing?…No? Oh well, and so you get yet another glimpse of what it is like to be living in the head of Lindy.  Lupins are what’s got my attention today, so the lobsters and lilacs are going to have to wait for another time.

I was downloading (look at me using a technical term) pictures that were taken yesterday at my girls birthday party. (For clarity sake my “girls” are 30 and 26. Ouch! Did I really just type those two numbers?)  Where does the time fly?  Oops got side tracked… when I downloaded the pictures there were some images of lupins that I took from my Mom’s back yard while I was visiting in June. These pictures lead me to think about the things I like when I go back “home” for a visit.

Back “home” for me is New Brunswick.  I currently live out West and when I talk about being born out East people here automatically think that I come from Central Canada…Ontario.  East being Ontario…PLEASE! That IS NOT EAST!  So now when I get into a conversation I make a point of stating that I’m from DOWN EAST and PROUD to be a MARITIMER! 🙂 Something happens to people’s geography once they fly West and pass over the Rockies…something magical…and yet very…interesting.  Something magical being that there is no possible way that God has made a more beautiful place to live where you can look out each and every day and witness His majesty in the mountains and temporal rainforest that He created on the lands of British Columbia. Where in the winter you can ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon or vice versa. And something interesting is the fact that it seems that the buck begins and stops West of the Rockies.  Hence the reference to East being Central Canada. Guess it’s rather difficult to see over the Rockies to the rest of Canada. 🙂  (Now just in case I have offended anyone that has not been my intent.  I truly love my new home, but it has been a bit comical at times being a transplant from another province and viewing things from that perspective.) 🙂

Christie and Jenn's B Day 2014 008

I would peel away the petals until their hidden treasure was revealed.

Lupins remind me of New Brunswick, yes I know that these beautiful wild flowers bloom in other places, but they don’t bloom more beautifully than in New Brunswick.  There are literally seas of these flowers along the highways, fields and yards of local residents. Their colours so vibrant that they can’t help but capture the attention of driver and passenger alike as they drive through these landscapes painted along the highways of New Brunswick. As a child I would capture as many as I could hold in my hands then run to the side of my house where the sun was always just right and sit and peel away the petals until my hidden treasure of this flower’s seeds could be discovered.  These seeds were my own personal, secret piggy bank and these little round discs became my currency when I played my childhood games with my imaginary and real friends.

Christie and Jenn's B Day 2014 001

These flowers lull the child inside of us to dance the dance that they dance. One of true abandonment.

Mmmm I can just picture myself lying in a field of lupins, hidden from view and watching as these magnificent flowers dance and sway to their own tune above me, lulling the child in me to dare to dance their dance and once again feel that freedom that only a child has.  You know that child that each of us has still stuffed somewhere deep down inside, that child that comes out as a giggle, wiggle or jiggle that we do when we think no one else is looking.

Here’s to allowing ourselves to giggle, wiggle and jiggle like we used to do.