Don’t Get Caught In The Spider’s Web

Spiders make their webs to be beautiful to those who look at them from afar, but deadly to those who get tangles up inside them.

Spiders make their webs beautiful to those who look at them from afar, but deadly to those who get tangled up within them.

This morning I looked up at my skylight and noticed a spider web forming that wasn’t there a week ago (or if it was I never noticed it).  I was thinking that perhaps I should do something about removing it (notice I said thinking about doing and not actually “doing” something about it).

Spider webs are exquisite.  Really.  Even if you abhor spiders you have to admit that the webs they weave are intricately designed, beautiful to the eye, deceiving in their strength, and designed specifically to capture the prey the spider has set its web to catch.

Spider webs kind of represent what sin is like.  We allow these webs (sin) to take root in different aspects of our lives.  At first we ignore them, then Light will shine on them and instead of allowing the Light to help us get rid of these webs we allow their intricate design to capture our attention.  We allow ourselves to become memorized by the tantalizing beauty and dismiss them as being something so fragile and beautiful that there could be no harm in allowing them to stay.  As time goes on more webs appear, dust accumulates on them and they become thick ugly cobwebs, but we are so used to having them around that we continue to ignore them.

The amount of cobwebs we have filling up our lives I believe have a direct correlation to what our relationship with Christ is like.  If we fail to maintain a relationship with Christ our cobwebs (sin) may begin to cloud up our relationship with him. The important thing to take note of here is that the clouding up factor does not come from Christ.  It comes from the cobwebs that we allow to multiply and that eventually become a filter between Christ and us. Pretty soon if we don’t do some “house cleaning” those cobwebs become so thick that it is difficult to “see” the light which is Christ.  Without light darkness reigns and before we know it our lives represent a neglected house in desperate need of a good cleaning so that light will shine on us and through us once more.

Is today a good day for you to start to do some “house cleaning”?  Don’t put it off until the cobwebs are so thick that you have to work up a sweat to remove them.  It’s easier to remove them daily than to clean up a lot of them that have accumulated over time.

Here’s to clearing out our cobwebs…one web at a time.